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Garstang Amateur Swimming Club

If you have any questions or would like further details please contact Sue Roome,  at








North Lancs L2

30th September & 1st October

21st & 22nd October


By 7th September

This is a higher level gala (level 2) and you will need an ASA time for the event you wish to enter, achieved after 1st Sept 2016.  Swimmers who compete in open galas are advised to enter and swimmers who have just started entering open galas are advised to review the qualifying times.




Entry Form

Blackpool Lights

28th & 29th October


By 3rd September

This is a good gala for the majority of our club to attend, you can attend just one or all four sessions subject to qualification times.  Any queries, please speak to a coach or Helen Charlesworth / Andrew Charlesworth




Entry Form

PSC Christmas Countdown

2nd & 3rd December

Darwen TBC

Club Championships

10th December


12.30 warm up

Parents need to complete the individual entry forms, with ASA number, events, times etc - usually in the details section - these can be sent electronically to Helen Charlesworth: competitions@garstangasc.org.uk

The paper copies will still  have to be handed in to Helen Charlesworth or Sue at the pool.

Cheques payable to Garstang ASC, not the event organiser as some entry forms may say, as the club submits entries electronically on behalf of all swimmers.

Our PB database to enter the correct times can be accessed here correct as at 24th July 2017.

It contains times from unlicensed galas, such as Sub League and Micro League events, these will not be on the ASA database. For the younger swimmers it has 25m times as well. Galas such as the County Championships require swimmers to have gained qualifying times at licensed events and so be on the ASA database. For entry into other galas the times can be used, eg Blackpool Rocks/Lights PSC Summer Gala etc.

For ASA registered times: see the ASA web site

If a swimmer does not have a time please see Sue Booth.

For conversion 50m to 25m etc please see: www2.sportsys.co.uk/time.asp