There are many galas and competitions suitable for all swimmers of all abilities. Below you will find information about our main competitions. Please don’t be afraid to ask any clarifying questions to one of the coaches.

Micro Leagues This is 12 years and under team event, where we compete against other teams in the North West.  Each age group has 4 individual events and then a freestyle relay and medley relay for the boys and girls. The last race is a cannon where the fastest boy and girl swim freestyle in a relay. The ages cut-off is usually the end of November, but the date can change each year so please ask if you’re unsure. This means swimmers need to be between the ages of 9 and 12 years old on this date to be able to compete.

Sub Leagues  This is a 12 years and over team event, where we compete against other teams in the North West. The events are for 12 years and over, 14 years and under and an open age group. Again, there are 4 individual events and a medley and a freestyle relay in each age bracket, with the cannon at the end. The cut-off date is usually around the end of June, so please ask if you’re unsure.

Open Galas  An open gala is where any 9 years and older swimmer enters as an individual against other swimmers from other clubs. They are entered as the age of the swimmer on the day of the gala. Many of these galas come with consideration times. This is dependent on the swimmer’s age and personal best time. It means that you cannot swim faster than the upper time or slower than the lower time for each age group. Bronze, silver and gold medals are given at these galas for the fastest swimmers of each event. If the swimmer does swim faster than the upper consideration time, they receive a speeding ticket (certificate) and not a medal.

Level 4 Our club gala.

Level 3 These are good galas if you’re just starting out, they are for those swimmers in the B, C and D squad. Some of these galas are run over 1 day like our Medals Gala or the Kendal Mint Gala and are 50m and 100m races.  Other galas are run over 2 days in 4 sessions AM and PM on both days. They include the shorter races and longer races like 200m or even 400m. The swimmer does not have to do every session they just choose what strokes and distance they like. They do have to be present at the warm-up for the session they are entering. If the swimmer wants to enter but does not have a time, as they have never swum that distance or races, please speak to Ian McKean (head coach) for time. Never make a time up yourself!

Level 2 They very much the same as level 3 galas with faster consideration times. You have to have swum the event before and have an ASA time to enter.

Level 1 These are the Regional and County galas. Each year, for all the events for both boys and girls there is a set time for each race and age group. If you swim faster than that given time in one of the above galas you are eligible to swim in the Counties or Regionals. 

Usually swimmers start with the 50m races and the 100 IM and then tend to increase distance from there. It is important to remember that all swimmers are different, some swimmers only want to enter a few races whilst others prefer to swim 2-3 races per session, it is very much up to each swimmer.

The PB database is regularly updated so the swimmer can monitor their progress and have up to date times to enter the galas. When you swim in the level 1, 2 and 3 galas your time is added on to the ASA, Swim England website under the individual swimmer.

Galas can be a lot of fun and a lot of swimmers love them.