Membership & Training

Our Coaching team is led by our Head Coach Sue Booth, with the team including:

  • Ian McKean – Coach Level 2
  • Dave Swift – Coach Level 2
  • Alicia Clegg – Coach Level 2
  • Charlotte Price – Coach Level 2
  • Abbie Hewitt – Coach Level 2
  • Gretl Cook – Coach Level 2
  • Gina McKean – Swimming Lessons Level 2
  • Ellie Clegg – Coach Level 1
  • Jessica Critchley – Coach Level 1
  • Lauren Hull – Coach Level 1
  • Joe Booth

The cost of training for the various squads is:
A+ squad- £38
A squad- £31
B squad- £30
C Squad- £28
D Squad- £26
Plus an annual subscription to Swim England of £40 per swimmer.


We do our utmost to communicate information to parents and swimmers.  We use email, notice board, monthly Newsletter – “Dive In” which we email to you and we have a closed Facebook page which you can access by asking our secretary to ‘join you’.  Our NEW website will be regularly updated with news, swim times, gala results etc.  Also, committee members are almost always at the pool to speak to you during training times. 

However, communication is a two-way thing and we request that you read our emails and regularly look at the notice board, web site, and Facebook page.  Also, the monthly Newsletter is now also available on the NEW website with back copies.  If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New Members: Please click on the Welfare Welcome letter, Membership Form, Member’s Code of Conduct and Parents’ Code of Conduct, ASA Membership Form, Garstang ASC Standing Order Form and Land Training form links below to read and download as required.

Welfare Welcome Letter
Membership Form
Member’s Code of Conduct
Parents’ Code of Conduct
ASA Membership Form
Land Training Form
Garstang ASC Standing Order Form